Sunday, August 24, 2014

White Copra

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Copra, which is also known as dried coconut is derived from mature Coconuts. It is processed by smoke drying, sun drying or kiln drying from the stored coconut with husk. Our coconut copra is of high quality and can be availed by our clients in big and small quantities. Copra is the meat or kernel of coconut, which is used to extract coconut oil for the food and cosmetic industries. The processed copra for oil extraction leaves a residue, which is used for feeding livestock.

Our Coconut Copra is made of good quality coconut shell with perfect craftsmanship, black amorphous particles in appearance, high hardness, well developed porous structure, big specific surface area, fast absorption rate, easy regenerate and so on. Making copra – removing the shell, breaking up, drying – is usually done where the coconut palms grow. While there are some large plantations with integrated operations, copra remains primarily a smallholder crop. Some of the features of our range are as follows:

  • - Highly nutritious
  • - Fresh and Pure

Since many customers wanted to have trial order, we open for any discussion regarding to the products. And we also able to:

  • - Design and Print packing bags as required by customer
  • - Fulfill trial order
  • - Have long term contract


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